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  • Jonathan Elsdon

Understanding Angle of Attack


Angle of attack is the upwards or downwards direction in which the club head is traveling, at impact.

Typically the more lofted clubs will require a more downward angle of attack. As the loft of each club decreases, the angle of attack will need to be less downward, to the point of potentially hitting the driver with an upwards angle of attack.

Golfers with slower club head speeds will typically perform better with a shallower (less downward) angle of attack than golfers with faster club head speeds, who can afford to play with a steeper (more downward) angle of attack if they'd prefer to.

Maximizing driver distance will require every golfer to learn to "hit up" on the ball i.e. have an upwards angle of attack. Having a properly fit driver is a crucial part of maximizing distance, more specifically the loft of the driver will need to compliment the golfer's angle of attack and club head speed.

DEFINITION: Angle of attack - The vertical direction of travel of the club head when impacting the golf ball.

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