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  • Jonathan Elsdon

Understanding Club Head Speed


Club head speed is the speed the club head is traveling at impact.

Club head speed is the main determinant of a golfer's potential distance. The greater the club head speed, the greater the potential distance. For example, with the driver, increasing club head speed by 1mph could increase distance by up to 3 yards.

There is a direct correlation between club head speed and the relative standard of the golfer. The best players typically have faster club head speeds, where as less able golfers typically have slower club head speeds. PGA Tour Professionals average upwards of 110mph (with a driver) vs the average male golfer, who would demonstrate a (driver) club head speed of between 90 and 95mph; that's a considerable difference in potential distance!

Guinness World Records recognizes the longest drive in a competition as 515 yards! It was hit by 64-year-old Mike Austin in 1974, at the US Senior National Open Qualifier, with a 43.5" steel shafted persimmon wood driver!

PGA Tour Average, Driver: 113mph / PGA Tour Average, 6 Iron: 93mph

LPGA Tour Average, Driver: 94mph / LPGA Tour Average, 6 Iron: 79mph

Average Male Golfer, Driver: 93mph / Average Male Golfer, 6 Iron: 80mph

DEFINITION: Club head speed - The linear speed of the club head when impacting the golf ball.

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